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28th Apr 2014

Hey you! Budding entrepreneur! Don’t forget to register for the upcoming AIB Start-up Night taking place in Cork this week

Finally! Now's your chance to reveal all of your hairbrained business schemes to the world! Mwahahahahahaha!


Finally! Now’s your chance to reveal all of your hairbrained business schemes to the world! Mwahahahahahaha!

Good news folks, registration for the AIB Start-up Night in The Cornstore Restaurant, Cork, at 6pm on April 30th is now open. AIB Start-up Nights are a fantastic venture where the start-up community gets together, allowing you the opportunity to mingle with fellow entrepreneurs and hear some of Ireland’s most successful entrepreneurs speak about their experiences.

That’s right, the time has finally come for you to unleash your Chocolate Teapot 2.0 prototype on the world…

chocolate teapot

Guest speakers appearing at the next AIB Start-up night will be Sean O’Sullivan (SOSventures/Carma) and Graham Clarke (Kooky Dough).

Sean O’Sullivan is managing director of SOSventures International, the venture capital and investment management firm. His first company, MapInfo, popularised street-mapping on desktops in the 1980s and his first internet company, NetCentric, pioneered many concepts in internet computing.

And you know that phrase, “cloud computing,” that you and your friends are always saying to each other? Well, Sean has since been recognised as the man who coined that term “cloud computing” so now’s your chance to meet him in person and say “thank you for coining that term Sean.”

Sean is also co-founder and managing director of global software company, Carma.

Graham Clarke is the young entrepreneur who set up Kooky Dough with business partner Sophie Morris. Kooky Dough produces all natural ready-to-bake cookie dough, that allows customers to bake cookies at home in minutes.

Graham has a Finance degree from UCC, pursued a career in Financial Services before setting up Kooky Dough in 2010, and has very kindly promised to bake a delicious batch home-made cookies for everyone who attends the upcoming AIB Start-up Night.*

*Graham actually hasn’t promised to do any such thing because JOE actually just made that “fact” up. Although a delicious batch of home-made cookies would be really lovely though, right? Hopefully Graham is reading this article and taking note…

All you have to do to register your interest in attending this week’s event is fill out the simple registration form by clicking here. So what are you waiting for? Get on it.