Irish CMO is among the most influential on Twitter 9 years ago

Irish CMO is among the most influential on Twitter

A budding entrepreneur should be following the biggest names in business on Twitter, but who is worth following? Social-media analytics firm PeerIndex recently found out…

Too much of our Twitter timelines are taken up by irrelevant pre-set tweets that fill up our timelines on the hour every hour. While it’s somewhat understandable for large corporations, it’s a Twitter faux pas for individuals, especially CMO’s.


So who should you follow on Twitter, and why? PeerIndex decided to look at the most influential big-brand CMOs on Twitter and score them according to the executive’s activity, audience, engagement and authority on Twitter. So the number of followers doesn’t really matter. Put simply, it’s quality over quantity.

With that in mind, here are the top most influential CMO’s currently on Twitter.

1. Beth Comstock - @bethcomstock – General Electric
2. Jonathan Becher – @jbecher – SAP
3. Stacy Martinet – @stacymartinet – Mashable
4. Antonio J. Lucio – @ajlucio5 – Visa
5. Nikesh Arora – @nikesharora – Google

Ireland’s own Kieran Hannon - @kieranhannon - of Belkin made it into the top 15 list, with over 13k tweets and 3.3k followers. For more on the most influential CMO’s on Twitter head over to Forbes here.