'It's about working smart and not long' - Why entrepreneurs don't have to always be on 1 year ago

'It's about working smart and not long' - Why entrepreneurs don't have to always be on

"I see my weekend as sacred."

Being in business doesn't mean working 24/7. That's Marissa Carter's take on being an entrepreneur.


Speaking on JOE's new business show All In, the beauty mogul said that she believes that having downtime is just as important as putting in long hours.

"I try to set an example of working smart and not long," she told host Yvonne Redmond.

"So, for example, you know, at the weekends, I see my weekend as sacred and if an employee is contacting me at the weekend I’m hoping that they’re just asking if they can come over and join the barbecue. I don’t think that you should be contactable at all hours."

Yvonne: "Do you have a work phone and, if so, do you turn it off?

Marissa: "Do you know what, I have one phone, I’ve had the same phone number since I was 16, I’m 20 years with the same phone number.

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"I set boundaries for when I’m working and when I’m not. Now obviously there are times in the business and in the week where it can’t be helped, something has to be handled on a Sunday night, but as much as possible I try and say, ‘look, lads, go and enjoy your weekend, we have staff to handle the social media and the emails at the weekend - switch off.’"

Marissa also revealed that delegating has been key in allowing her to keep sane while scaling her business.

"I have very short chains of command," she said, "so there would be a very small number of people that would have my mobile number in the business and that would report directly to me.

"I would feel drained if there was just too many people coming at me all the time for little things to be decided on.

"Most of my staff had an awful lot of autonomy to make decisions and if they make bad decisions, they make bad decisions so I try not to micromanage as much as possible."


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