PODCAST: 'Buying a pub beside the Aviva with 4 Irish Internationals was a no-brainer...' 4 years ago

PODCAST: 'Buying a pub beside the Aviva with 4 Irish Internationals was a no-brainer...'

This week's episode of The Capital B will leave you thirsty for more.


The Irish Drinks Industry is booming... no one can deny that. On this week's episode of  JOE's business show, we delve into the crowded world of craft beer, pub refurbs and why the beloved Irish whiskey is no longer a 'dad' drink.

Owner of The Bridge 1859 and Lemon & Duke, Noel Anderson tells host Nick Webb what it's really like to revive an ailing pub, and if you can ever truly shake a bad reputation.

Having International rugby players Sean O'Brien, Jamie Heaslip, Rob and Dave Kearney on board certainly helps... listen to the full interview with Anderson here, or follow the link below.

Also on The Capital B this week, Claire Tolan of Jameson Ireland gives a unique insight into the recent modernising of Irish whiskey and how it's become a global success while retaining a hip urban edge.

Seamus O'Hara of The Carlow Brewery Company discusses the highs and lows of being in the craft beer game before it became a game in Ireland, and how he's handling the competition in a crowded market.


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5.07  – Interview with Claire Tolan of Jameson Ireland

20.15 – Panel discuss the success of the Irish Drinks Industry

27.36 – Business Brainstorm backed by AIB  – Pub Tycoon Noel Anderson talks rebranding

37.54 – Interview with Seamus O’Hara of The Carlow Brewing company


53.36 – Wrap up with The Panel on what it takes to make it in the craft brewing industry