PODCAST: If you think your password is safe from hackers, you should think again 6 years ago

PODCAST: If you think your password is safe from hackers, you should think again

"It's an illusion to think any of us are safe online."


Cyber security is big business these days, with the latest spate of hacks striking fear into IT departments the world over.

On this week's episode of The Capital B, we're finding out exactly how to protect our businesses (and ourselves) online.

Joining us on the panel this week is venture partner with Frontline Ventures Steve Collins, who says that high-profile hacks can actually be a good thing in terms of awareness:

"What's happening now is a greater public awareness of how unsafe you actually are, the latest hacking incidents have illustrated how much of our data is available and how much our privacy is under attack... this is an opportunity for business to come in and help. That's a good thing for everybody, a market is being created out of awareness."


Collins told presenter Nick Webb that it's not just the savvy of hackers, it's also our own stupidity.

"The single biggest reason why hacks are successful these days is through social engineering, meaning people with stupid password, if you have a password 12345 ... change it now"

Laura Kennedy, Head of Data Science Recruitment with Next Generation, says there's little excuse for being careless with protecting your online activity.

"If you're going to be ambivalent about protecting your own data then it's potentially a little bit rich when you complain about being hacked..."


Also on The Capital B, tech entrepreneur Pat Phelan joins us from New York City.

Phelan is a recovering alcoholic and founder of Trustev who turned his life around to become one of the biggest players in the online security space... oh, and he sold his company for the tidy sum of €45m.

Nick also chats to Paul Canavan of Invizbox, who is on a mission to fight hackers and keep us all safe with a pocket-sized mobile device.

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Check out the full episode in the link below. 

.50 -  Panel Introduction: Steve Collins Venture Partner Frontline VC and Laura Kennedy, Head of Data Science Recruitment with Next Generation.

5:29  – Interview with tech entrepreneur Pat Phelan.

26.08 – Panel discussion on the importance of hiring the right people for your company.

34.01 – AIB Business brainstorm with Paul Canavan, Co-Founder of Invizbox. 


44.11 – Wrap up