PODCAST: "The unusual non-food range gets people through the doors of Lidl" 6 years ago

PODCAST: "The unusual non-food range gets people through the doors of Lidl"

It's all about fresh produce, innovative apps and interesting smells on this week's business podcast.


The Capital B is going shopping and lifting the lid on the retail sector in Ireland. Have you ever wondered about the psychology of supermarkets? Commercial Director of Lidl Ireland Liam Casey joins Nick Webb to discuss how the German chain has revolutionised the idea of 'bargain' shopping here in Ireland. He talks shop design, how simplicity always works better, THOSE non-food ranges, and why the place constantly smells like fresh bread.

Also on this week's episode, we're talking to the woman behind Popertee, a business that helps you find the perfect retail space be it for two days or two years.

Dave O'Donoghue of Freshii joins us on the panel, he explains why hipsters could actually be saving the high-street! And the man who sold a company to Google has set up Pointy... a simple technology that hopes to combat the online shopping beast.

Episode 11 of Ireland's biggest business podcast, The Capital B is here! Listen in to the link below. 


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0.43        Panel introduction, Dave O’Donoghue of Freshii joins Nick Webb
1.52         Interview with Commercial Director of Lidl Liam Casey
17.59      Panel discuss the importance of first impressions on a consumer
22.48     AIB Business Brainstorm – Lucinda Kelly of Popertee 
32.49     Interview with Mark Cummins of Pointy
46.45     Wrap up with Panel