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19th Oct 2019

Staff are as ‘as important’ as your product, says skincare boss Jennifer Rock

'For me it was really important that I found people that would stand for what I stand for.'

Anna O'Rourke

Companies should value their staff as much as their product, a leading Irish skincare entrepreneur has said.

Jennifer Rock, better known as the Skin Nerd, is the women behind the bestselling Skingredients product range.

After just two years in business, she now has a team of 20 behind her and believes that these people have to embody her brand.

“For me it was really important that I genuinely found people that not just love skincare but would stand for what I stand for, so work hard but give back and genuinely, and it sounds like such a cliché, but just be a kind person,” Jennifer told the latest episode of All In.

“I do believe my responsibility is to the company but the people that allow the company be what it is to this day in such a fast, short space of time has been those humans. How do I help those humans but by giving them the tools they need and the time they need to grow?”

Listen to the full interview here.

This awareness of brand filters right through to how the Skin Nerd offices are run, she added. Her team are all as skincare obsessed as she is, meaning they’re truly dedicated to their work.

“If you walk into Nerd HQ, there’s never a sweet to be seen, we all generally do drink a lot of water, there’s fruit and veg everywhere.

“We cover our screens with blue filter protection… you go to the bathroom and there’s spritzes there for your face.

“It’s not just nine to five; hat on-off. It is who you are and it just means you enjoy yourself so much more so you can give so much more love to your role.”

Hear more from Jennifer on this week’s episode of All In, JOE’s new business show.

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