Trump plans to take jobs away from Ireland with huge new tax cuts 3 years ago

Trump plans to take jobs away from Ireland with huge new tax cuts

Just days after meeting Enda Kenny, Trump has now got Ireland in his sights in a very different way.

Many are still reeling from Kenny making a very pro-immigration speech in front of Trump in the White House on St. Patrick's Day.


Clip via Based Patriot

But now it seems that all the friendly talk about assisting each other with business and future economics has been put to one side, as Trump aims to make significant tax cuts in the hope of luring American businesses out of some very specific countries, Ireland included.

According to the Irish Independent, Trump's senior aide Stephen Moore stated: "I believe that when we cut these tax rates - we're going to cut our business tax rate from roughly 35% down to roughly 15% to 20% - you are going to see a flood of companies leaving Ireland and Canada and Germany and France and they are going to come back to the US."

You will notice that Trump recently met with the leader of another of those countries that got singled out, and his meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel is another thing that still has people talking days later.

The BBC are reporting that Trump has stated he is looking forward to his visit to China and meeting President Xi Jinping.

He, too, should probably prepare for some bad news.