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20th Nov 2020

“We’ll help Irish farmers farm better” – scientist winner of EY Entrepreneur of the Year reveals future plans


“Farmers need affordable, high-quality inputs. They need to be competitive.”

Nicola Mitchell is the newly-crowned EY Entrepreneur of the Year for 2020 and her agri-pharma business, which makes generic molecules used in products to protect crops against disease or insects, has big ambitions for Irish farming.

She told Sonya Lennon, host of The Architects of Business, made in partnership with EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™, that it’s her company’s ambition to “help farmers farm better”:

“We’ll allow them to produce more competitively.

“We won’t accept the rules of the multinationals which tell us, ‘stay out’. They’re erecting these barriers but they’re secondary, they’re circumnavigable. We can get around them, because we know the law, because we know the regulations, because we know the science, and because we know the technical barriers.

“It’s just really understanding, really knowing and then stepping in and voicing that, and fighting for that on behalf of our very dear farming customers, to get them the free market that they deserve, the free market that Europe has aspired to be, the single market.”

Listen to Mitchell’s full interview here:

Watch the interview here.

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