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17th Jun 2024

Paul Mescal reveals what happens to Connell and Marianne in the future

Kat O'Connor

Paul Mescal has opened up about Connell’s future.

Paul Mescal has become one of the most popular actors in recent years, starring in a string of movies since his Normal People debut, but the TV series is what gave him his big break.

Mescal became a household name once he took on the role of Connell Waldron, a character that clearly means so much to him because of how much it changed his life.

Speaking at a recent Normal People fan event, Mescal opened up about Connell and Marianne’s future.

If you’ve read the soul-destroying book or watched the perfect TV adaption then you’ll know Connell and Marianne don’t end up together.

Despite their immense love for one another, the pair decide to go their separate ways, a decision that completely broke the hearts of viewers and readers.

They belonged together but knew it was right to stop seeing one another. They needed to go and live their separate lives, but fans hoped they would eventually rekindle their romance.

@paulmescalpics Paul Mescal discussing what he think happened between Marianne and Connell after Normal People ending at a Q&A in London 🥹❤️ 🎥 via Film Updates #paulmescal #daisyedgarjones #normalpeople ♬ som original – Paulmescalpics

“I’m not a religious person but I do sometimes think God made you for me”

Paul Mescal is hopeful about Connell and Marianne’s future too.

He believes the pair end up together in the future because of their deep connection.

He said his thoughts about Marianne and Connell change as he changes, but believes they’re destined to get back together.

“My experience or my hope for those characters has changed as it’s coming along but I keep landing on the fact that the connection that they have feels spiritual to me like you look at it and I feel like no matter what’s going on happen with them, they will.

“They will probably fall in and out of it again, but ultimately when they come back I feel like they will land into each other.

“In my head, that’s what they’re doing,” he concluded.

We may not get a sequel to Normal People but Mescal’s words have softened the blow.