474 Irish men and women were asked about their attitudes towards sex 4 years ago

474 Irish men and women were asked about their attitudes towards sex

Some interesting stats here.

It seems that the internet is Irish people's place to go these days to find out about their sexual health, while a lot of young people in the country seem to be prioritising their career over starting a family.


This is according to LloydsOnlineDoctor, who asked 474 Irish men and women about their sexual health preferences in the brilliantly titled survey, ‘Let’s Type About Sex’.

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When it comes to finding out more about their sexual health:

  • 30% of Irish people said that online is the best place to get advice on contraception.
  • Meanwhile, 68% of Irish under 24 say they use the internet rather than talk directly to their GP about the subject matter.

Of course, there is always the awkward talk with the parents to consider. Here are the stats for that:

  • 12% of Irish parents said they are ‘currently undecided’ as to whether they would broach this subject with their kids.
  • 4% won't bother doing it all.
  • From the opposite view, 22% of teenagers said they would rather talk to a close friend about the birds and the bees instead of the mother and father.

Strikingly, the Irish tradition of 'family first' seems to be changing:

  • 78% of Irish people would now rather plan a baby, instead of getting a nice little surprise. This may sound obvious, but...
  • 65% of Irish citizens think that family planning must be considered before deciding on a definitive career path.
  • One-third of secondary school students also claim they will never give up on their future careers to start a family.
  • The above seems to be restricted to one's 30s, where half of the correspondents surveyed said that they would probably give up their career then to start a family.

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