90% of people aren't getting enough of this vitamin, and it's very important to you 6 years ago

90% of people aren't getting enough of this vitamin, and it's very important to you

Important to note...

Your body is a temple that requires a mix of various vitamins and minerals to ensure that you remain in optimal health.


While a balanced diet will ensure that you get the majority of what you need to remain healthy, new studies have shown that around 90% of people are lacking in Vitamin E (not to be confused with Vitamin ME, which some drunk soul may accuse you of lacking in a nightclub on Saturday night).

The fat-soluble vitamin is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which is very important for preventing a variety of illnesses.

Vitamin E affects gene expression, immune function, aids in repair of wounds and the damage of atherosclerosis, is important for vision and neurologic function, and largely prevents fat from going rancid.

But how can you increase your intake of Vitamin E?


Well, according to research published in The Journal of Nutrition, you may be able to increase your absorption and intake of Vitamin E by simply adding eggs to your diet.

The research in Purdue University showed that when eggs were added to a simple salad of raw and mixed vegetables, absorption of vitamin E were far higher than if they simply ate the salad without the eggs.

In the study, the cholesterol levels of participants didn't change despite the increase in eggs in their diet.

It's also noted that according to data from the Canadian study of Health and Aging, supplements of Vitamin C and E may also help reduce the risk of cognitive decline.