According to science, this will make you appear more masculine to women 5 years ago

According to science, this will make you appear more masculine to women

It's as easy as this folks...

There's the old tale that pheromones are key to attracting a potential other half and that may have been so back in the days of where men were men and fought with swords and spears.


Nowadays, things are a little bit different, we've left behind the animalistic aspects of running around smelling each others rear ends (if that was ever a thing), and moved towards more sophisticated methods.

But apparently, if men want to attract a woman, all they need to do is start wearing more deodorant. According to a study at The University of Stirling in Scotland, women view traditionally less masculine men to be more masculine when they wear more deodorant.


They used a group of 130 men and women to rate the facial masculinity using photographs while they used 239 men and women to rate the odour masculinity of the opposite sex and they reached some surprising conclusions.


Men who were scored low in facial masculinity received a significant bump in their masculinity when they wore deodorant because women were found to be more perceptive to smells than their male counterparts.

Woman on the other hand, were perceived to be more feminine when they wore deodorant .

So basically the results show that if you're not the most manly man in the world, but you want to boost your lumberjackness (we made that word up), wear some deodorant.

If you are comfortable having low facial masculinity, you should still wear deodorant because there's nothing worse than than sweet, sickly smell of sweat lingering under your armpits.


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