Bad news fellas, Irish men have been ranked the ugliest in the world 4 years ago

Bad news fellas, Irish men have been ranked the ugliest in the world


I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the data today. Apparently we Irish men are the ugliest in the world. Who knew?


It seems a tad harsh to say, but according to the website Beautiful People, Irish men are the worst looking people in the world.

Beautiful people is an online dating website and if you are not rated beautiful enough by the current members then you are not allowed to join it.

The latest trend was revealed after a study of the nation by nation acceptance rates, and Irish men have once again ranked joint-bottom alongside the UK and Poland.

But there was some positive news for the women of this country who once again scored highly on the website, being ranked the eighth most attractive nationality on the dating website last year.

Brought to our attention by the Irish Mirror, 29% of Irish women were accepted onto the site. An increase from 23% in 2014 and 25% in 2015.

Come on guys, we've got to raise our game, we should make it our aim to be above those British and Polish fellas next time around.

But then again, is it really necessary for the website Beautiful People to be so harsh? They could have at least sugarcoated it by being slightly condescending.


They could have said: “Everyone in the world is really good-looking, but the Irish are just not as good looking as some of the others, they’re great craic though”.

It probably would have hurt less...