China to lift restrictions on Hubei after months of coronavirus lockdown 2 years ago

China to lift restrictions on Hubei after months of coronavirus lockdown

Schools will remain closed.

Millions of Chinese citizens at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in Hubei province will be able to resume travel from Wednesday.


China has announced that a lockdown will be lifted on more than 50 million people in central Hubei province, except for the city of Wuhan.

After two months of living under strict restrictions pertaining to daily life, residents will be allowed to leave Hubei from midnight, providing they are healthy. Meanwhile, Wuhan city will end restrictions from 8 April.

The province ordered a full lockdown in January but has gradually been allowing people to move around inside the province and return to work.

Initially, the measures stopped air and rail travel and restricted those who could leave the province by car. Harsher measures also banned large gatherings and sought to keep residents in their homes.


But now anyone wishing to exit or enter the province will be allowed to do so as long as they've been issued with a green health code by authorities.

While some will return to work, schools in the province will remain closed.

The number of cases in the region has fallen dramatically in the last month, although there was reports of a locally transmitted infection in the region in recent days.

China has reported 74 imported cases in the country on Tuesday. Both Shanghai and Beijing reported a locally transmitted infection that originated from an imported case.