Almost two-thirds of weekly drinking occasions take place at home, according to new study 3 years ago

Almost two-thirds of weekly drinking occasions take place at home, according to new study

People have been urged to monitor their drinking habits during the Christmas season.

61% of drinking occasions among Irish adults now happen at home, according to a new study conducted by Drinkaware.


The research illustrates that two in five people never measure out the alcohol that they consume in their home, which has led the national charity to create a short video offering tips on how people can drink less.

It's all part of a drive to encourage people to be mindful of their alcohol consumption levels throughout the Christmas period.

According to the study, on a weekly basis:

  • 21% of drinkers consume a small number of drinks at home with a partner as a couple, with a further 11% reporting they consume several drinks
  • 18% have a small number of drinks in the home with the family
  • 7% combine home drinking and a night out with friends

In response, Drinkaware has issued three tips to cut down on excessive drinking at home:

  • Always use a measure for spirits or wine. Never free-pour — this can make it almost impossible to know how much you are drinking
  • Alternate each drink with a glass of water to reduce the dehydration associated with alcohol. Keep a jug of water handy to make this easier
  • Stock up on non-alcoholic options for you and your guests. There is now a wide variety to take advantage of so it’s a good time to make the swap

"It's clear that this is a significant trend in Ireland," said Sheena Horgan, CEO of Drinkware.

"Christmas is a time for celebration, which is something we all look forward to, but it also presents more opportunities to drink than any other time of year. There is typically more alcohol in the house and we have more free time to spend at home or in the homes of friends and family.


“Drinking at home can present its own issues with people likely to drink more alcohol than intended. 

"What this means in practical terms is that there is a higher chance of binge drinking (six or more standard drinks in one sitting e.g. three pints of beer) and consuming the low-risk weekly guidelines in a short space of time, which we know increases the risk of a range of health harms."