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17th Aug 2023

This handy chart will show you how to diagnose and prevent snoring

There's nothing worse than an exceptionally loud snorer



There’s nothing worse than an exceptionally loud snorer…

We’ve all been there, you’re lying in your bed and the house is literally shaking with the sounds of your housemate down the hall, or indeed your significant other, snoring the place down.

Then there’s the awkward moment when you’re not sure whether its appropriate to wake them up and face their wrath or have another long sleepless night.

Never fear, this chart could solve all your problems…


Another possible snoring solution

If you’ve ever shared a room (even a house) with a snorer, you’ve probably been driven demented during the wee small hours when your attempts to sleep are ruined by the nasal noise of your housemate.

If you’re a snorer yourself, on the other hand, we’re sure you’ve been told about it plenty of times.

Snorers have tried numerous methods of putting a stop to it over the years, but a company in the US are claiming to have invented a device that will make it a thing of the past.

It doesn’t exactly stop the sensation of snoring itself, but what it does do, or claims to do, is cancel out the snoring noise so those sharing a bed or a house with the snorer can sleep in peace.

The patch utilises similar technology to noise-cancelling headphones, with sensors on either side of the snorer’s nose picking up the amplitude and frequency of the snoring noise and broadcasting inverted sound waves which essentially cancel each other out. Sure anyone could have thought of that.

*This piece was first published in September 2015

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