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26th Apr 2024

Fans think Eminem stole new album idea from random tweet three years ago


First thing this morning, fans rejoiced with the news that Eminem had announced his 12th studio album, The Death of Slim Shady.

Shortly before his appearance at the NFL Draft on Thursday night, a trailer for the new album was shown, which revealed the album would be dropping in summer 2024.

You can watch it below.

The teaser is a mock trailer for true crime documentary all about the death of Eminem’s alter ego, Slim Shady.

Naturally, the album’s title sparked a degree of concern from some fans who pondered if this could be the end for Eminem.

However another tweet, from three years ago, is creating a lot of interest. Why? Because the tweet specifically outlines Eminem’s latest album.

In the tweet, X user @thoughfulbae wrote: “I came up with an idea that I think will be great for Eminem’s next project. What do you guys think?”

In the idea, @thoughfulbae explained her thoughts for the next Eminem album, writing: “The album will be titled The Death of Slim Shady. It will be a farewell to a legendary persona. It won’t be a retirement project. Instead it will shock fans by introducing a more laidback lyricist that’s more focused on what he says instead of how he’s saying it.

“It will pay homage to iconic moments in Em’s career with Em writing a letter to Slim as a way of sharing how that persona impacted his life (both negatively and positively). It will reflect on Em’s controversies and how he feels about them now that he’s much older.

“The album will even be different from other projects production wise because it won’t have Dr. Dre’s input, instead it will have production from The Alchemist, 9th Wonder, Madlib, Daringer, DJ Premier, and Q-Tip.”

The tweet was made back in 2021.

After Em’s album was announced, under the title predicted in the tweet, @thoughtfulbae retweeted her original post with a series of question marks.

Responding to the tweet, one person wrote: “WTF! They gotta run you a cheque.”

Another said: “You were right on the money!”

A third commented: “Hold on, there’s no way!”

In the trailer for the album, a reporter tells the camera: “Through his complex and oft-criticized, tongue-twisting rhymes, the anti-hero known as Slim Shady has had no shortage of enemies.”

We then see 50 Cent, Eminem’s longtime associate, say: “He’s not a friend, he’s a psychopath.”

The reporter continues, “The same rude lyrics and controversial antics may have ultimately led to his demise. Join me as we recreate the events that led to the murder of Slim Shady.”

The Detroit rapper himself then appears, with a blurred face, and says: “I knew it was only a matter of time for Slim.”

‘The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grâce)’ will be the first new album from the legendary rapper since January 2020 when he surprised the music world with ‘Music to Be Murdered By’.

Eminem first adopted the Slim Shady alter ego in the late 90s when he released ‘Slim Shady EP’ and ‘The Slim Shady LP.’

It’s often as Slim that the rapper is his most aggressive and confrontational with his lyrics. ‘Guilty Conscience’, ’97 Bonnie and Clyde’ and ‘Kill You’ are some of the best Slim Shady songs.

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