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04th Apr 2017

These are the most common causes of headaches in Ireland

Alan Loughnane

migraine treatment

Sound familiar?

Those who suffer for migraines or headaches will know their often devastating and debilitating effects.

They can be so painful and disorientating that people affected by them will try anything to get rid of them and it seems that the causes of them are some of the simpler things in life.

The good people at Nurofen Express conducted a poll with iReach insights to investigate some of the leading causes of headaches in Ireland, and according to the poll, it’s some of the day-to-day things in life which cause the most headaches.

When it comes to home life, some of the most mundane issues are causing the biggest pain. Not having enough storage for clothes is listed as the number one cause for headaches when organising the home with 50% of the votes. While not being able to fold a bed sheet and a missing remote control are also major causes of headaches.

In the workplace, people taking your pen from your desk could be causing your headaches as 39% of people said that this gives them a headache. Crumbs on the keyboard were also headache inducing.

The Nurofen Express poll identified the following as Ireland’s biggest causes of headaches:

  • Forgetting something at home and having to return home for it
  • Not having enough storage for all your clothes
  • Your vacuum not being able to reach small crevices
  • Being unable to remove jar lids
  • People taking your pen at work
  • Your clothes falling off their hangers
  • Trainers beginning to smell after wear
  • Your car becoming messy with rubbish
  • Struggling to make space in a suitcase for your clothes
  • Your shower head becoming clogged with lime scale.

The poll also offered the following tips for preventing headaches from occurring in the future…

1. Hydration: Being dehydrated is one of the most common causes of headache. By drinking water throughout the day, you can avoid the risk of becoming dehydrated. Consuming alcohol, particularly darker liquors, can also cause you to become dehydrated so it’s best to keep this to a minimum too if you’re trying to prevent a headache.

2. Sleep: Headaches are often an indicator that our body is weak due to a lack of sleep. Ensuring you are getting your recommended daily amount of sleep is a good way to prevent headaches. Similarly, if you feel a headache coming on, taking a rest in a dark room can be a great way to fight it off.

3. Nutrition: Headaches are often caused from low blood sugar levels that we experience after not eating for a long period. By eating small but frequent meals you can maintain a healthy blood sugar level and therefore prevent a headache of this sort. Food rich in magnesium, like spinach or pumpkin seeds, is particularly good for this.

4. Weight: It has been proven that carrying extra weight can make you more likely to suffer from headaches and migraines. By losing even 10 pounds you are reducing your chances of getting a headache.

5. Caffeine: While a little hit of caffeine is known to have pain killing properties, over consumption of caffeine can be a major trigger of headaches and migraines for some people. If you’re reducing your caffeine intake it’s important to do so gradually as total withdrawal from caffeine can also cause headaches for long time coffee drinkers.

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