This product looks set to replace condoms but it sounds extremely sore 5 years ago

This product looks set to replace condoms but it sounds extremely sore

We're in two minds about this one.

Look, anything to do with that area makes us wince at the best of times and thinking about this product and how it works is like trying to watch the infamous video of Phil Baab sliding into the goalposts.


We could see it 100 times and still look away at the last minute...

Clip via Satyr93

See? We knew you wouldn't watch it until the end.


It's a sensitive area, I know that and I don't need to tell you because you know that too.

Condom companies take great consideration of your private area also and since their invention, they have been trying to make condoms thinner and better in order to maximise pleasure for males during sex.

According to Maxim, the latest innovation in condom products comes in the form of Jiftip.

Their product is simple, a sticker that goes on the tip of your penis so that the tip is covered but everything else is free to feel all the different sensations during sex.


The top layer is polyurethane, and the bottom layer that sticks to the tip of your penis is like an industrial strength plaster so that nothing can leak out.

Why let us explain though when we can show you a visual of how it works...

Image via Jiftip


This is all well and good in theory because the rest of your penis is free but safe and protected when having sex but we couldn't help but think of one downside.

It's been described like a plaster and everyone knows just how bad a plaster can hurt when it's ripped off from the likes of your knee or your arm.

Imagine the sort of pain you'd be in from ripping it off the top of your penis then?

Actually, you know what? We don't want to think about it. On second thoughts, we'll watch that Phil Baab video instead in its entirety if it's still on offer.