Feeling constipated in the last week or so? Yep, that'll be because of the heat 2 years ago

Feeling constipated in the last week or so? Yep, that'll be because of the heat

There are also a few other random health issues to keep an eye out for.

This heat, right?


At this stage, I think it is fair to say... and we're loathe to say it... but we'd all love a bit of rain.

However, that almost embedded-on-our-DNA need for water goes deeper than just wanting to cool off a bit.

Medical experts will tell you that during the heat, people simply don't drink enough water, which in itself leads to some rather awful bouts of constipation.

In fact,聽Dr Jim Gray of聽Tallaght University Hospital in Dublin has already reported (via RTE News) increased attendances due to constipation. Yep, it is getting so bad that people are heading to the hospital to get it sorted out.

It is easy enough to tell if you've been drinking enough water: when you go for a pee, if it is clear/pale, then you're good. If it closer to orange in colour, and smells a bit, then you need to get more H2O in your system, ASAP.

But obviously not too much, because that causes a different set of problems for your kidneys. Just aim for about eight glasses a day and you should be good. Also, try to avoid alcohol during the hottest hours, because it'll dehydrate you, too.

Elsewhere, there has also been an increase of聽syncopal episodes due to the heat (which is a medical way of saying people have collapsed), while several others have attended emergency departments due to severe sunburn.

If in doubt, there's no reason why you shouldn't be slapping on the 50 SPF every two hours and playing it safe.

Especially since there is no clear sign of this heatwave ending any time soon...