'Inevitable' that coronavirus will arrive in Ireland, says expert microbiologist 2 years ago

'Inevitable' that coronavirus will arrive in Ireland, says expert microbiologist

A professor of microbiology has said it is 'inevitable' that coronavirus will arrive in Ireland.

Doctor Kim Roberts, a professor of microbiology at Trinity College Dublin has said that the international virus is becoming more and more difficult to contain.


"We should all prepare for much greater widespread transmission of the virus... We should prepare for expecting cases to arrive here."

When asked if it was a matter of time before we had a case in Ireland, she said: "Yes, I think so."

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland on Thursday morning (27 February), Roberts also said that there is no need to panic, but that preparations should be made.

Roberts said that it is important to follow the guidelines and for people to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.


This comes shortly after it was announced that all schools in Japan have been ordered by the country's Prime Minster to close until April over the virus outbreak.

It has also been reported that the amount of coronavirus cases in Italy has surged to 400. This rise represents a 25% surge in 24 hours.

Also speaking this week, Doctor Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated his belief that the world is "not ready" to properly deal with the spread of the coronavirus.

A useful interactive infographic has been developed by John Hopkins University to help and highlight the real-time spread of the outbreak.