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20th Oct 2018

Darren Kennedy on the 60 seconds a day that men need to take for themselves

Rory Cashin

darren kennedy

For anyone unsure on where to start with men’s grooming products, look no further…

It can be a bit of a jungle out there.

Try as we might, there is a very good chance that men will buy one bottle of something that they use in the shower, the same bottle of something that they use as a clean-all for their hair, face, body, beard, etc.

On the most basic level, it does the jump (you are, technically, clean afterwards), but we have reached the point now where more and more men are investing more and more time and money in the products that specialise in specific parts looking and feeling better.

But if you are a newbie to the market, or already kind of brand-loyal and maybe looking to try something new, then you’ll be happy to know we sat down with the man in the know on the subject.

JOE met up with Darren Kennedy at Lansdowne Place in Ballsbridge for the launch of his new Irish-created range of men’s grooming products, Kennedy & Co.

Having already established himself as one of the biggest names in Ireland when it comes to men’s fashion, the side-step into men’s grooming does seem like a natural evolution, especially considering the massive jump in interest from Irish men.

However, while we’re getting better at it, there is still the initial issue of men maybe just not taking the time to do it in the first place.

Which is a big part of the idea behind this product when we talked to Darren about it, as this is more than just applying creams and such, this is about taking that moment of downtime for yourself to do it.

“With these five products, every man is covered,” Darren tells us. “I think a big part of this going to be educational because there is so much out there for women, but there’s not for men. And this is the ABCs, this is not about blocking off half an hour every morning.

“I’m as busy as the next man, and for me it is about it being simple. It is also about that sixty seconds or two minutes or whatever it is that I’m just putting on the eye cream, and I just breathe. This is before people start pulling out of you, whether you’ve got kids, the dog needs walking, e-mails, Instagram, whatever.

“It is just two minutes. As guys, we sometimes don’t give ourselves that. Women know how to take that time, doing their nails, putting their make-up on, that is a moment for them, that is giving them that breathing space.”

The five specific products that will be available upon launch are as follows:

Purifying Peat Face Scrub

Hydrating Beard Oil

Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Daily Moisturiser with SPF20 protection

Matte Hair Clay with active Baicapil ingredient, proven to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss

Having used all five for a few days, there is a that relaxing few minutes of using them that does (A) help slow down the pace of the day at the point when taking a breath is necessary, and (B) makes you feel better about looking better. As Darren puts it – “If you look good, then you feel good. It is like putting on a good suit, you feel bulletproof.”

Aside from the physical and aesthetic benefits, the psychological benefits do ring true, too.

The five products aren’t picked at random either, as there is a certain loop being closed by limiting the range to five – with both the hair and the beard covered, the peat scrub to get rid of the dead skin and daily dirt, the SPF moisturizer because that is an aspect that needs to be taken care of before it becomes a problem, and the eye gel that will help with the lines and bags that come with a particularly busy day.

For men looking to up their grooming game, then this is the best place to start. Plus, they are entirely Irish-made, so there’s that, too.

All of the Kennedy & Co. products will be made available at Dunnes Stores and select pharmacies nationwide, with all the products in the range priced under €15 each.

Main image via Darren Kennedy Official Instagram

This interview was edited for clarity.