Making this simple change to your diet can help you finally get your ideal woman 6 years ago

Making this simple change to your diet can help you finally get your ideal woman

It's got nothing to do with your physical appearance either.

It's the question that has been asked by every male since we started going to our first teenage disco down the local community hall.


What can I possibly do to help myself get the girl of my dreams?

You raid your older brother's drawer where he hides all the goods and dose yourself in aftershave and deodorant to make yourself smell better.

Girls love a good smelling boy.

Well, you can hold back on the spray from now on because science has found that eating more fruit and vegetables has been proven to make a man more attractive and it's not just because of what it does to your waistline.


Researchers from Macquarie University in Sydney have discovered that women are more attracted to a man's natural smell when he eats more fruit and veg.

It also found that the smells given off by men who eat fat, meat, egg and tofu were also preferred by the girls in the study.

According to NPR: "When we eat a lot of foods that are rich in colour our skin takes on the pigments responsible for that colour, known as carotenoids.

Researchers used a spectrophotometer, which highlights these carotenoids, to assess the men’s skin to determine how much fruit and veg a man was eating.


They were then given clean t-shirts and asked to do some exercise.

Women in the study were then asked to sniff the shirts and rate their smell."

Experts found that a fruit and veg rich diet made a man's sweat have a more floral, fruity and sweet bouquet kind of smell.

Food for thought, eh?