A doctor reveals the hangover cures that actually work 2 years ago

A doctor reveals the hangover cures that actually work

If you need these today, you have our sympathy...

Alcohol is a tiny molecule which travels to every part of your body, following a night of drinking.

And we get older, both our heart and stomach shrink in size, meaning that the alcohol we've just consumed is retained by the body for a longer period. Hence, the two or three day hangover is actually real.

We all know how it goes, the only cure for a hangover is time. But what if that wasn't the only cure? Or failing that, there was a way to speed it up a small bit at least.

A lot of people's first instinct after a night on the wobbly water is to have a fry up, however Dr Dan Robertson, a GP, explained to the Good Housekeeping Institute that this is, in fact, a bad idea.

Dr Robertson said: "Instead of a fry up, scientists have investigated more effective ways of getting your blood sugar levels back up.

"Poached eggs, asparagus and even Sprite have been suggested as a way of speeding up your recovery."

The next part may be no good to you now, there's no point bolting the door when the horse is gone, so to speak, but it's good to know moving forward.

Dr Roberston said: "Despite what you might have heard, eating isn't cheating. Fuelling up before you head out is actually a great idea, as "lining your stomach" will help your body absorb alcohol more slowly."