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07th Oct 2019

Researchers find e-cigarettes have caused lung cancer in mice

Rory Cashin


It is the first study to definitely link vaping nicotine to cancer.

New research by New York University has found that exposure to nicotine from e-cigarette vapour causes lung cancer in mice.

The amount of smoke that the mice were exposed to was similar to a person who has vaped for about three-to-six years.

Of the 40 mice exposed to e-cigarette vapor with nicotine over 54 weeks, 22.5% of them developed lung cancer, and 57.5% developed precancerous lesions on the bladder.

Of the 20 mice exposed to e-cigarette smoke without nicotine, none of them developed cancer over the four years they studied.

The study, performed and published by NYU, and funded by the National Institutes of Health, can be read in full here, and it is believed to be the first study to definitively link vaping nicotine to cancer.

Moon-Shong Tang, the study’s lead researcher, told CNBC News that “It’s foreseeable that if you smoke e-cigarettes, all kinds of disease comes out. Long term, some cancer will come out, probably. E-cigarettes are bad news.”

However, Tang also added that just how carcinogenic the use of e-cigarettes are for humans “may not be known for a decade to come.”


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