Former sex worker who slept with '10,000' men claims to know EXACTLY what they want 5 years ago

Former sex worker who slept with '10,000' men claims to know EXACTLY what they want

Australian Gwyneth Montenegro (39), is a former sex worker who claims to have slept with over 10,000 men during twelve years in the industry.

The published author is now lifting the lid on what it was like to be paid for sex, and what men really want in bed. Turns out... it's pretty standard.


Gwyneth got into the industry at the age of 21 after a traumatic experience changed her opinion on everything.

In a candid interview with, she explained: “I never wanted to get into the sex industry in the first place. I was 18, I went out to a nightclub and my drink was spiked and I got taken away and gang raped by 6-8 men — I can’t remember exactly how many because I was so out of it.

“It kind of changed my opinion about myself. I felt I wasn’t worthy anymore, that I wasn’t good enough. I came from a Christian family and I was saving myself for marriage and then I got raped. So I went the other way ... I was very promiscuous. I ended up in the table top dancing industry when I was 19.”


After transitioning from stripping to being paid for sex, she went on to say that for the most part, men pay for normal sex and good conversation.

“A lot of them don’t want all this hardcore kinky sex — that’s such a small percentage of the men," she said.

"I was in the industry for 12 years — that’s a long time. But I didn’t see a lot of the men that had these sick fantasies. Most of it was just normal sex.”


“It’s more than just sex. There’s always a psychological motivation for sex, it’s not just a physical urge. A lot of the clients I would see would be an hour plus and I mean sure, they wanted the sex, but a big part of my job was just talking."

Gwyneth has now embarked on a different career, launching She explains the logic behind the website better than we can in the Youtube clip below...

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Her book, 10,000 Men and Counting, is available here.

Although Gwyneth says she's glad to be out of the industry, she claims she learned a lot, and she had this advice for women when it comes to relationships with men.

“Detach the emotions — look at it from the outside," she said.

"The man will give you all the cues from his behaviour and his relationships.

“You’ll be able to pick out if this person is going to be a long term thing or not really the right fit for you.”


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