Get access to medical experts 24/7 with this next-generation healthcare plan 11 months ago

Get access to medical experts 24/7 with this next-generation healthcare plan

Brought to you by VIGO Health

If you struggle to fit appointments in around your busy schedule, this could be the perfect solution...


When you're juggling work, family life and other important commitments, it can be easy to let your health and well-being slip down your list of priorities.

Whether it's because of time, cost or inconvenience, you're likely not the only one who has cancelled a GP appointment when day-to-day life gets a bit too busy and you don't have the time or cash to visit a doctor.

But postponing essential health appointments shouldn't be the norm and there has to be a more convenient and cost-effective way to look after your health, surely?

Well, we might have the perfect solution...


Introducing VIGO Health! VIGO Health are transforming the Irish healthcare space with their handy Online Doctor & Prescription Service, giving customers 24/7 access to trusted Irish-based health professionals, virtually.

This next generation healthcare model removes the barriers we often face with healthcare - like time, location and cost - by making GP and prescription services instant, convenient and affordable.

VIGO's Online Doctor & Prescription Service allows customers to speak with doctors, nurses and mental health professionals via their phone, laptop or tablet, giving you 24/7 healthcare at home and on-the-go.


In a matter of minutes, an Irish-based online doctor can chat to you about your symptoms and issue a sick note if it’s needed, saving you a €60 fee and a lot of time when you compare it to visiting your traditional GP for the same service. Plus, they can even prescribe medication like antibiotics or write a referral letter to a specialist, making it a quicker, more convenient way to get the treatment you need.

And speaking of prescriptions, this service also allows you to order your routine or repeat prescriptions online without having to visit your doctor, saving you even more time and hassle when you’re feeling under the weather. With VIGO Health, an Irish-based doctor will review your medication request and send your prescription directly to your local pharmacy, where you can collect it in a matter of hours, without delay. Ideal!

And the best part? With VIGO Health's online doctor and prescription service, you'll get an unlimited number of online doctor consultations, with no extra charges per visit, taking away some of the extra costs that come with looking after your health.


It really is the perfect healthcare solution for anyone looking for a bit more flexibility and affordability with their healthcare.

You can find out more about VIGO's Online Doctor & Prescription Service here.

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Brought to you by VIGO Health