Our handy guide to improving the way you deal with daily snack cravings 8 months ago

Our handy guide to improving the way you deal with daily snack cravings

Brought to you by Grenade®

To snacks! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems...

If there is a situation in life that isn't made better with snacks, we haven't encountered it yet. Whether you're sitting on the beach in the middle of summer, watching a movie in winter or simply making your fifth trip to the fridge on a slow Sunday morning, they always do the trick.

The problem is, snacking can undo any progress you've made with the rest of your diet.

We're not saying you should try to cut snacking out of your life. It's simply a case of changing your approach, and finding different ways to satisfy your cravings.

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Savour it

If a bar of chocolate is an essential part of your day, try to actually focus on it while you're eating. Scoffing it down while you scroll through your phone or work on your laptop will mean that you were too occupied on other things to actually notice how much you've just eaten.

Sit down at a table for a minute or two, and try to enjoy the flavours of what your eating. Allowing your brain to focus on whatever food your snacking on will help you to realise when you're actually full.

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Don't eat while you cook

Look, there is nothing on earth more reliable to make you hungry than the smell of cooking food. A ready-made snack that you know is waiting for you in the fridge is a lot more appealing than the thought of having to wait 20 minutes for steamed veggies.

If this is something that tends to hit you when you get back from work (you're not alone), maybe try to snack on something before you leave the office. Something to tide you over before you make the trip home could take the edge off.

That said, the desire to munch on something before dinner can be overwhelming. Find healthy alternatives to what you'd normally snack on and have them at arm's reach rather than junk food, and maybe opt for meals you know won't take too long to cook. Planning is key here.

Plan ahead

It's something you can make use of for just about every aspect of your life, but physically writing something down can make a huge difference. Try to talk to someone in the know for tips on how to manage your diet, and plan out your day's meals accordingly.

Having your brain wired to know when its next meal is coming can help keep snacking at bay. You're still likely to get cravings between those meals, so set out a pre-portioned limit for yourself every day and stick to it as best you can.

The same goes for the old adage of not shopping on an empty stomach. If you have a diet planned out, you'll be less tempted to fill the trolley on your way down the biscuit aisle.

Try to find the cause

You are definitely not alone if you reach for snacks in reaction to a certain situation. A stressful day at work can often only be remedied with chocolate, so maybe try to simply take a moment to think about why you're about to eat something can help you decide whether or not you should.

Yes, we realise that is a lot easier said than done.

Setting out alternative go-to snacks is one way to combat this. A bowl of fruit can be just as satisfying for a sweet tooth as a bag of sweets, and one or two squares of strong dark chocolate (70%+) can get rid of chocolate cravings.

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Brought to you by Grenade®