We can finally tell you just how good Guinness actually is for you 5 years ago

We can finally tell you just how good Guinness actually is for you

It's the slogan that made Guinness.


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They don't make adverts like these anymore and whether you know the phrase from television or from seeing it on a poster in a pub somewhere, you will finally be able to know the real answer to Guinness' favourite slogan.

Guinness is the first global beer brand to provide Irish consumers with full on-label nutritional information and alcohol content with the expansion of the Diageo labelling initiative to 500ml Guinness cans in the Republic of Ireland.

The new labels, designed to help consumers understand what’s in their glass, provide consumers with nutritional information on contents including calories, carbohydrates, protein and sugar as well as grams of alcohol per serve and warnings on drink driving and consuming alcohol during pregnancy.


This expansion is part of Diageo’s commitment to their consumers to provide them with information that will empower them to make informed choices on what they drink.

Consumers will also see the that a 500ml can of Guinness contains 17 grams of alcohol along with the following nutritional information:

738 KJ


0g Fat

0g Saturates

14g Carbohydrates

1g Sugar

2g Protein

0.1g Salt



The equivalent information will also be provided for a 100ml serve.

Diageo Ireland Country Director Mr. Oliver Loomes said “Irish consumers want to make informed choices and increasingly they want to know what’s in their glass."

Mr Loomes added: "At Diageo, we take enormous pride in our ability to listen to our consumers and bring them the great products they enjoy with the clear, concise and accurate information they can use to make the right choice for them

“The new Guinness labels are part of our on-going commitment to engaging with and empowering Diageo consumers so they have the tools to make positive and informed choices about what they drink.


"While this is a global standard and will eventually feature across all brands in all markets the decision to expand to Guinness 500ml cans means that almost 40% of the Irish beer market will be covered by the new labelling standard, making Ireland a market leader in this regard.”

The labelling is part of the Diageo Consumer Information Standards (DCIS) launched last year and which will be rolled out on all Diageo products in the next 12 months.

Diageo developed the DCIS based on in-depth research of more than 1500 consumers around the world, to ensure the label designs reflected the way consumers want to receive – and can understand – information on alcohol content.

The Diageo consumer research found that as well as good design, which is key to how information is found and understood, consumers preferred information on alcohol per serve, calories per serve, sugar content, allergens and brand facts.