Gym Trition - Dublin's 100% wholefood eatery fueling some of Ireland's top boxers 8 months ago

Gym Trition - Dublin's 100% wholefood eatery fueling some of Ireland's top boxers

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If it's good enough for Spike O'Sullivan and Ray Moylette...

Unless you're lucky enough to have a dietitian follow you around all the time, sticking to a diet can be tricky to say the least. It's much easier to give into temptation and grab a quick deli sandwich than it is to prep your meals for the week.

Even if you are sticking to the strictest of exercise routines, it's likely all for nothing if you don't have the right diet. Rather than having to spend time prepping your meals for the week, wouldn't it be easier to just have them delivered straight to your door?

Gym Trition meal prep

That's exactly what you get with Gym Trition, the Dublin-based meal prep company & wholefood health restaurant run by Charles Dunne.

Seeing as Charles is a trained chef with over 20 years of experience, he thought he could cook up something better than the usual recommended meal plans. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring, and it most certainly doesn't have to be tasteless, so he brought together his two great loves of fitness and food.

It's proven to be a great success as well, with some of the country's top athletes using his plans on a daily basis. Boxers Spike O'Sullivan and Ray Moylette are just two of the names that come to mind, but he said that he doesn't want people to think it's only for those competing at the highest level.

The cafe is located on Marrowbone Lane in Dublin 8, and anyone looking to sort out their diet plan can order from the Gym Trition website. As Charles said himself, the single most important thing for keeping your body in check is sorting out your diet.

"Healthy eating can be every bit as tasty as any processed fast foods. If you eat correctly you can change your health and physique in a quarter of the time than if don't eat correctly," Charles said.

Gym Trition's cafe is based in Unit 22, The Maltings Business Park, Marrowbone Lane, Dublin 8. Keep up with their latest news on the Gym Trition Instagram.

Brought to you by Gym Trition