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04th Oct 2022

5 life-changing health improvements you can expect in your first year off the cigarettes

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by Nicorette


What happens after you quit smoking? Here’s what you can expect…

Ready to quit smoking? It’s not an easy journey, but there’s no doubt that kicking the habit comes with so many positive changes.

Saving money, reduced stress and healthier skin are just some of the benefits that come with giving up smoking, but one of the biggest incentives has to be the huge positive impact it can have on your health.

Nicorette are on a mission to help smokers quit for good, highlighting all the amazing benefits that you can expect to see if you quit smoking.

From just 20 minutes into your quitting journey, you might already start to notice some positive changes start to take hold, impacting everything from your heart rate and blood pressure to your lung health.

With that in mind, we’ve put together just some of the amazing health improvements you could start to see in your first year of quitting, as well as some tips to help you give up for good…

1. Your blood pressure and heart rate will improve

Who knew you’d start feeling the benefits already, just a few minutes into your quitting journey? Just 20 minutes after your last cigarette, your blood pressure and heart rate should start return to normal.

2. Your lungs will start to clear out any toxins or debris

With a full 24 hours of quitting under your belt, all traces of carbon monoxide have usually left the body and your lungs have started clearing any mucus or smoking debris left behind. After as little as 72 hours off the cigarettes, the bronchial tubes start to relax and breathing should become easier.

3. Your circulation and immune system will improve

During the 2 to 12 week mark of your quitting journey, your lung function and circulation will continue to improve, making exercise a lot easier. Your immune system will also have gotten a boost during this period, helping your body to fight off any colds and flus you’re in contact with.

4. You’ll be free from smoker’s cough and shortness of breath

By the time you reach the 9 month milestone, your lung function has increased by 10%. This means the coughing, shortness of breath and wheezing you might have experienced when you were smoking will have improved. At this stage, smoking related tiredness should also have disappeared, so you’ll probably find you have a lot more energy than you used to.

5. You’re less at risk of having a heart attack or stroke

If you manage to stay off the cigarette for an entire year, there’s a lot to be celebrated. But one of the biggest wins is that your risk of having a heart attack or stroke is now half that of a smoker.

Ready to quit?

If you want to reap all the amazing health benefits that come with quitting, Nicorette is clinically proven to help smokers quit for good.

While willpower is necessary when it comes to quitting, studies have shown that using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) products could double your chances of giving up for good compared to willpower alone. Nicorette offers the widest range of options to support smokers, including gum, inhalers, patches and lozenges.

Nicorette’s QuickMist Mouth Spray gets to work on cravings in just 30 seconds*, and no other single NRT product is more effective at helping you quit for good.

Available in two different flavours – Fresh Mint and Cool Berry – Nicorette QuickMist helps you break the habit of smoking and increases your chances of quitting by 150%**.

If you’re ready to kickstart your quitting journey, you can find out more about Nicorette QuickMist HERE.

For more advice on quitting smoking and for product information, visit

*based on 2 x 1mg dose

** compared to willpower alone


Brought to you by Nicorette 

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