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Here's why you should order a second burger instead of fries at a McDonald's
As if we need convincing to eat more burgers...

Fries are not a vegetable, no matter what you tell yourself.

McDonald's is undeniably delicious, but you have to order a mountain of food to actually feel in any way full. Dietician Emily Field has recommended saying no when asked if you want fries with that, and opting for a second burger instead.

Speaking to Business Insider UK, Field explained the science behind her argument. An order fries contains almost zero protein, consisting almost entirely of carbs and fat. However, a burger offers the customers roughly 40 grams of carbs from the bread, 17 grams of protein from the meat and 10 grams of fat. In that sense, eating two burgers provides a better balance than opting for fries.

Of course, if you're getting serious about your health then you don't want to be spending too much time sat in McDonald's, but if you find yourself after a night out — now you know you're better off doubling up on your Big Mac rather than ordering fries.

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