Here's the jobs that are most likely to make people want to drink 7 years ago

Here's the jobs that are most likely to make people want to drink

Pint after work?

A well earned drink after work is done can be one of life's simplest pleasures but we all have that one friend who enjoys their 'one for the road' more than other people.


This friend of yours will usually say that their work is more stressful, the hours are longer and that their boss is an absolute fecker.

We agree with them.

If your drinking buddy happens to work in the mining industry then it's a good chance that they'll always be available for a pint because 18% of miners are 'heavy drinkers', defined here as drinking five or more drinks on the same evening.


Labour intensive work seems to be the best method of building up a thirst because construction workers are second in the list at 17%.

If you know anyone that works in a hotel or restaurant then these 'sauce merchants' deserve a high-five because this profession ranks third in the list at 12%.

We're also happy to report that teachers and nurses are a shining example to the rest of us because they're the least likely to be heavy drinkers.


Yeah right, this is usually their Wednesday 'happy dance'.

We reckon that the people who did this survey, The Washington Post, have never witnessed seen a nurses or teachers night out in Ireland.

Here's the graph in full so you can take a look and see where your profession lies.