'Johnny's got you covered' is no more as new safe sex campaign launches in Ireland 2 years ago

'Johnny's got you covered' is no more as new safe sex campaign launches in Ireland

'Johnny's Got You Covered' is no more.

The HSE has launched a new safer sex social media campaign targeted at young people in Ireland.


The campaign will actively encourage people who are considering having sex or are already sexually active to educate themselves and practice safer sex.

The focus is largely placed on the use of condoms, and their importance when protecting against Sexually Transmitted Infections.

It also sees the end of the tagline 'Johnny's Got You Covered' slogan that has been in use in the past and, which will be replaced by #respectprotect.

The campaign was launched to intentionally coincide with Electric Picnic, which is taking place in Stradbally this weekend.

Members of the #respectprotect team will be giving out condoms and lubricant sachets to young people at the festival.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Helen Deely, SHCPP Programme Lead said: “Moving to the new campaign will provide the HSE with greater flexibility in conveying more targeted and credible safer sex messages to our younger audience.

"Our move from Johnny’s Got You Covered to #respectprotect is in response to both policy and significant social change in Ireland over recent years.


"Developed in partnership with young people and our sexual health community partners, the colourful heart logo, which endorses the campaign, is understood to be a symbol for care and inclusivity, respecting all sexual orientations’’.

For more information on safer sex, visit SexualWellbeing.ie.