HSE "rolls out" free condom service in all third-level institutions 3 months ago

HSE "rolls out" free condom service in all third-level institutions

On Tuesday (November 5), the HSE launched its National Condom Distribution Service in third-level institutions across Ireland.

From today onwards, third-level institutions can request condom dispensers from the HSE, which will enable students to pick up protection for free. Typically, student unions have also provided free condoms to students.

Additionally, information leaflets will be made available with the condom dispensers, which will outline to students how to use condoms correctly, and will emphasise "the importance of using condoms consistently and every time sex happens."

Helen Deely, Acting Assistant National Director for HSE Health and Wellbeing said: "We are really pleased that third-level colleges across the country have responded positively to engaging with this scheme; and support our endeavour to increase consistent condom use among young people.

"Further initiatives to expand access to condoms and sexual health information to young people in other settings will be progressed as part of the on-going implementation of the National Sexual Health Strategy."

Róisín O’Donovan, USI Vice President for Welfare said, “We are delighted to support the launch of the national condom distribution service in third level institutions today. Through this initiative, we hope to see an increase in awareness of the importance of using condoms to prevent STI’s and unplanned pregnancies amongst students."