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There was a lot of laughing.

Thursday, as you might have already known, was 420 day, a day when you might find people talking about smoking cannabis more than usual, for reasons explained in more detail here.

To mark the day, Irish YouTube channel Facts., who release videos every week of Irish people trying out new foods or watching shows that they have never tried or watched before, decided to take three Irish mammies to Amsterdam to smoke some herb for the very first time.

The results, as you might expect, were quite interesting, especially when the Facts crew decided to liven things up a little by playing some games with their three subjects halfway through the clip below.

“There can’t be cheese in that!”

Clip via Facts.

Speaking of weed, meanwhile, to find out why Ireland could be the next cannabis growing capital of the world, check out this week's edition of The Capital B podcast.


We're not done yet... check this out!

For this week's episode of SportsJOE Live Wooly is in studio with Kerry legend Marc O'Sé, our own Dion Fanning and Ireland hooker Sean Cronin.

On the menu for discussion this week, we have the Haka, the best young hurlers in Ireland and how versatility affects sportspeople.

The Kerry footballers are attempting the inaugural Endline Challenge and Marc is trying to beat Dion Fanning and Eamon Dunphy at the Lottoland Chipping Challenge...

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