Do you like hugs? Good news! There is a cuddle party happening in Ireland this weekend 3 years ago

Do you like hugs? Good news! There is a cuddle party happening in Ireland this weekend

Cuddles are great, and everyone loves cuddles, and anyone who doesn't like cuddles clearly needs more cuddles.

Anyone who has ever been in the deepest, darkest depths of a hangover will probably admit to Google searching for a escort service that caters exclusively to spooning, just to help get you through the worst of it.


And for anyone who might be looking to get more cuddles into their lives, there are monthly Cuddle Parties currently being organised in Ireland.

Head here for the full info, but essentially the Official Cuddle Party takes place at 1.30pm in Bray, County Wicklow on 21 May, and will go on for several hours.

The event invite states as follows:

"Craving human contact and connection? Want to learn more about how to ask for, negotiate, give/receive non-sexual touch in a fun, safe environment? If so, this is the Official Cuddle Party for you! Come join us for an afternoon of delicious fun, learning, sharing, and...CUDDLES!"

The Irish Cuddle Salon was founded by Randy Ralston, a consciousness facilitator and touch professional holding a California state-certification in sexological bodywork and a UK certification in somatic sex education, and you can contact him here should you require an individual cuddling session or a private cuddling party.

Don't worry if you can't make the May Cuddle Party, as there is already a follow up organised for 2 July, with the full info on that one (including two special guest cuddle experts) available here.

So there you have it. In need of a hug (or two, or three, or however many you can expect to get), then you know what to do.