Man suffers nine day erection following moped accident 4 years ago

Man suffers nine day erection following moped accident

This sounds traumatic.

A 35-year-old British man fell off a moped and believed he had been lucky to escape serious injury.


The only injury he initially thought he suffered was bruising to the perineum (the area between the scrotum and the anus), but he presented himself to hospital nine days later after noticing some other odd symptoms.

According to his doctors, the bruising near his genitals left him with a nine day-long erection — one that eventually required a trip to the emergency room to treat.

In medical terms, the man had high-flow priapism which is the result of a ruptured artery from an injury to the penis or the perineum, which prevents blood in the penis from circulating normally.

In other words, the man had nine day erection which had nothing do with sexual stimulation. In fact, the erection was labelled grade IV erection on the Erection Hardness Score (this is real) meaning that the man's penis was completely hard and fully rigid.


The erection was not painful for the man but did cause him a mild discomfort while walking.

The report was published last month as a case study in the journal Case Reports in Urology.

It was decided he would have an invasive procedure to fix the issue.

Doctors said: "To our knowledge, this is the first reported case to use multiple materials for embolisation for this [condition].


"Timely intervention needs to be considered to avoid the potential risk of erectile dysfunction in the long term from conservative measures."

The man improved shortly after but it took up to a year to have completely normal erectile function.