New study suggests Irish companies should provide lunch for employees 2 years ago

New study suggests Irish companies should provide lunch for employees

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While 93% of employees enjoying subsidised meals in the workplace feel more positive towards their employer because of it, 72% working remotely during Covid-19 have missed out on food services and wellness initiatives normally provided by their job, according to Irish data.


New research as part of National Workplace Wellbeing Day (30 April) carried out last month for caterer Compass Group Ireland revealed that 7 in 10 employees working at home would value having access to at-home catering solutions such as meal kits and delivered ready meals.

According to the research, food supply and restaurant provision featured strongly in terms of what employees feel supports wellbeing in the office.

Access to coffee, convenient refreshments and healthy meals in the workplace topped the list of factors contributing to workplace wellbeing.

For those who normally enjoy food services within their workplace, 80% said it helped them eat more healthily at work and 88% believed eating healthily on a daily basis impacted how they felt at work.


The research results come as Compass Group Ireland has launched its new Feedr app on the Dublin market, a Cloud canteen service in which employers can have healthy food delivered to the office or employees’ homes.

The Feedr app allows individual users to select healthier choices from a menu of 140 balanced meals said to help boost physical and mental wellbeing.

In a statement, Compass Group Ireland said: "This innovative office food solution means companies can temporarily swap onsite catering and buffet-style meals for an individual delivered service."

For more information about the Feedr app, see here.