Operation Transformation are looking for applicants for their new season 3 years ago

Operation Transformation are looking for applicants for their new season

Suitable if you or someone you know need a helping hand to get healthier.

RTÉ One's hit reality show Operation Transformation is looking for people to take part in the new season, which is set to air in 2020.


On top of giving a number of individuals the help they need to get healthier, the show also provides assistance to the country at large over the eight weeks, to try to be more active and lose weight as a result.

Presenter of the show, Kathryn Thomas, is thrilled to be back, saying: "I can’t wait for the next season of OT! The leaders are what make the show every year.

"For me, an OT leader is somebody who is really ready and committed to changing their lives. Someone who is sick of feeling stuck and knows that 2020 is the year to change everything! To take back control and to help countless people as they help themselves."

Dr Aileen McGloin, the Director of Marketing and Communications for Safefood, the sponsors of Operation Transformation, said: "2020 marks ten years of our sponsorship of Operation Transformation and we’re delighted with the role it plays in helping communities to get healthier together.


"Our most recent research shows that 1 in 3 people who watched OT reported making a positive lifestyle change as a result of the show. We're looking forward to inspiring more people to become part of the OT movement and make a start on their own weight-loss journey next year."

The application process for anyone looking to take part opens today (Friday 27 September), and if you're interested, you can fill out the form right here.