Over 3,000 women affected by CervicalCheck IT issue, says report 1 year ago

Over 3,000 women affected by CervicalCheck IT issue, says report

Multiple announcements are expected to be published today.

Over 3,000 women have been affected by the CervicalCheck IT issue.


According to a new report set to be released today, significantly more patients have been identified as part of the problem that initially saw hundreds of women not receive their results.

According to the Rapid Review report, the actual number of women affected is over 3,000.

RTÉ News reports that around 850 cases saw results not delivered to patients or, in some instances, not delivered to their GPs.

The remaining 2,150 patients had results issued to their GPs but not to them directly.

Last month, the HSE issued an apology to the women affected by the IT issue. Out of the 800 initially thought to be affected by the problem, 52 had since tested positive for HPV.

"Quest Diagnostics had failed to send test results to the GPs of around 800 women," they said in a statement.

"The tests were on samples which were retested because their original mRNA HPV test was carried out outside the manufacturer’s recommended timeframe.


The statement said the HSE had expected "a small number" of women's statuses to change as a result of the retest.

"That said, we want to apologise again to any woman that has been affected by this issue and we are continuing to keep in contact with them in relation to what has happened and any action that they need to take," they said.

"The delays in results being forwarded are not acceptable, and the HSE’s ongoing independent review into this incident will be investigating this in full detail."

The full report will be published today.