This product claims it will help you quit smoking (or any bad habit, for that matter) 3 years ago

This product claims it will help you quit smoking (or any bad habit, for that matter)

This will definitely help you keep those New Year's Resolutions.

Everyone has that one habit that they do way too much.


Whether it's something that's bad for your health such as smoking, to something that has you wired at night time like drinking too much coffee or maybe you feel you just spend too much time on social media, Pavlok claims to help you break any bad habits.

The device is like a watch and is worn around your wrist and uses a small electric jolt to shock you out of your unhealthy routines.

Some of the habits are 'self-jolt' meaning that you have to shock yourself using the wristband. The makers of the product claim this works for habits such as smoking and nail biting.

It can also help to form good habits, such as going to the gym.

Some of your addictions can be tracked by an app (such as spending too much time on social media) and this means you will automatically get shocked when your habit is getting out of control again...

Clip via Steve Harvey


Pavlok's CEO and inventor, Maneesh Sethi, can be seen above talking in detail about the product.

He told Steve Harvey that: "If you get shocked at the time that you do something you don't want to do anymore, it trains your reptile brain to no longer like the flavour of sugar or smoking cigarettes for example.

"You can rapidly break addiction because your human brain trains your reptile brain," he added before Crash tested out the device on the show.

Another habit that the app can break is those who find it hard to get up in the morning. The app can be hooked up to your alarm and will shock you if you press snooze too often or stay longer in bed than you intended to.

Sounds pleasant.