People with these names tend to be more dedicated in the gym 1 year ago

People with these names tend to be more dedicated in the gym

You may think that your name couldn't possibly have anything to do with your fitness levels, but a survey has revealed a bizarre correlation.

Apparently, women named Laura and men named James are significantly more likely to stick to a gym routine.

The results were discovered after the global gym chain Fitness First analysed five years of computer data that documented their customers' membership and attendance histories.

They found that the average Laura spent 26% more time in the gym each week than her rivals, scheduling at least two high intensity workouts.

The average James hits the gym more times than any of his male counterparts, racking up an average of 24% more gym time per week than other men.

Here's the list of names that are the most dedicated to keeping up their fitness regimes.

Did your name make the grade?


1. James


2. Edward

3. Simon

4. Benjamin

5. Mohammed

6. Thomas

7. Christopher

8. John

9. Matthew


10. Andrew


1. Laura

2. Victoria

3. Hannah

4. Rebecca

5. Jessica

6. Megan

7. Sarah

8. Heather

9. Ellie

10. Kate

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