Pharmacists of Ireland issue hayfever warning as pollen count set to rise 5 months ago

Pharmacists of Ireland issue hayfever warning as pollen count set to rise

Even thinking about this is making our eyes itch.

Thousands of Irish people know that while summer is a time of sunshine, it can also be a time of suffering. Anyone who has hayfever can attest that the eyeball-itching, sneeze-out-your-brain, throat-scratching symptoms that come with it can ruin even the most beautiful summer day.

Earlier on Thursday, the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) warned that sufferers should take preventative measures ahead of the long weekend, when the pollen count is forecasted to be very high.

According to the IPU, one-in-five Irish people suffer from an allergy to pollen, and 87% of those people report sleep deprivation as a result of the condition.

There is an also an increased risk of asthma attacks for those who also suffer from asthma.

Ann-Marie Horan, an Executive Committee member of the IPU, issued the following advice to hay fever sufferers, "Hay fever can make life miserable, especially for people with severe symptoms. On a daily basis during the summer, I see in my pharmacy the negative impact hay fever can have on people’s overall wellbeing.

"The key to treating hay fever is finding the treatment that works for you – there is no one-size-fits-all cure because everyone experiences it differently. Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals and experts in medicines and can play a significant role in the management of allergies, including hay fever. Anyone suffering from hay fever should consult with their pharmacist first who will work with them to choose the best treatment options for them."