Quit to Fit Week 1: Mourning the death of your inner smoker 10 months ago

Quit to Fit Week 1: Mourning the death of your inner smoker

*In partnership with NiQuitin. 

So you've decided to quit smoking.

Congratulations! That's often the hardest part. Sure, it's not going to be easy but we've teamed up with NiQuitin to help you power through over the next eight weeks.

Life coach Raul Aparici will be offering you weekly advice and the motivation needed to stay on course. We'll also be giving you weekly fitness and lifestyle challenges to keep your mind off the ciggies and to introduce some positive, healthy changes in your life.

We have five teams doing each weekly challenge. Follow their progress on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #QuitToFit. Get involved and post your own updates using the hashtag.

What to expect?

So what can you expect in the first week? The first 48 hours can be tough as you try to ride out the nicotine cravings and work out what to do with your hands. Raul says you need to approach it as a ritual, like a funeral for your inner smoker.

"You need a proper send-off," he says. "Think about how you are going to say your last goodbyes. It’s a bit like realising you have lost something you really loved.

"Think about how you’d feel if your favourite show was cancelled. Or how you felt when Bambi’s mom died or when you first got your heart broken. It’s like a physical reaction that you experience."

You're making a major life change and dealing with psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms. So mood swings are a distinct possibility. Raul warns that you may feel depressed, emotional or angry. Tell everyone around you that you're quitting so they'll understand if you're a tad cranky!

So this is week one. You've done an amazing thing by taking the first step. We'll be providing weekly challenges that will be tailormade to fit in with what you'll be experiencing that week. Quitting cigarettes is not just about giving things up. It's about rediscovering new life, getting healthier and replacing bad habits with good ones.

The challenge

The first week's challenge is boxercise, which will give you a chance to take out some of that frustration on a punchbag. This kind of physical release can be cathartic and distract you from the urge to smoke.

"Just remember that it was smoking that put you in this position in the first place" adds Raul. "Be very clear as to why you are doing this so you can refer to it when the cravings get bad and remember - they will pass! You can feel angry and annoyed and you’ll want to punch the thing that’s making you feel that way. Use the boxercise to get it out of your system."

Stay tuned over the next eight weeks as we help you with the process and follow the progress of our five Quit to Fit teams using #QuitToFit on Twitter and Instagram. Get involved and post your progress via social media channels and use the hashtag.

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*In partnership with NiQuitin.