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19th Feb 2018

Quit to Fit Week 2: The struggle is real


In partnership with NiQuitin.

One week down.

You’ve cleared the first hurdle in our Quit to Fit challenge. Reaching the second week is no small feat, but it’s still early days.

Our life coach Raul Aparici has some advice on what this week might hold for you.

What to expect?

“Last week you started out with the best intentions and with the goal in mind,” says Raul. “This week, you’ve started to realise how much effort this is going to really take.”

Nevertheless, it’s important to stay focused.

“Keep talking to your loved ones about what’s going on,” he recommends. “They’re likely going to bear the brunt of any mood swings you might have.”

Once you acknowledge that the struggle is real, you’ll be in a better place to face it head-on.

“The physical cravings should be waning slightly,” Raul adds. “Listen to what your body is telling you. Notice the changes as they happen and be proud!”

The challenge

With all the hard work you’ve been doing and all that’s ahead of you, we thought we’d give you the chance to do something fun for this week’s challenge. We want you to grab some friends and get down to your nearest bowling alley to play some frames.

While bowling with mates is always good craic, you can also use this as an opportunity to keep your head in the zone.

Staying focused is what you’ll have to do to stay off the smokes. Similarly, bowling requires you to keep your eye on the target ahead. Visualise rolling the ball straight down the lane, toppling every pin. Imagine those pins as your cravings and take satisfaction in watching them fall.

Once you avoid the gutter you’ll be grand.

Follow our five teams progress on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #QuitToFit. If you want to follow along with the challenges then make sure to keep us up to date with how you’re getting on. Stick your Quit to Fit adventures up on social media along with the hashtag #QuitToFit so we can see you.

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In partnership with NiQuitin.

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