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31st Jan 2018

Boots have come up with a novel way to help people stop smoking

Michael Lanigan

Bad Habit

A great way to kick the habit.

If you’ve decided to take the big New Year’s Resolution of quitting smoking, the news is good.

With 80% of all resolutions being broken by February, while people attempting to give up cigarettes fail 85% of the time, pharmacy chain Boots has set up a new programme to support smokers in quitting the habit for good.

According to their research, 70% of all smokers have declared that they would like to kick, but what’s proving tough is finding the right support. So, Boots have decided to fill that role with their Stop For Good campaign, which offers a reward system over the course of a 12 week programme.

The evidence based Stop For Good Rewards service will provide participants who remain smoke free for 12 weeks with money-off vouchers, in-store makeovers, skincare consultations, gifts worth up to €75, one-to-one sessions with an advisor and a personalised plan.

In researching the reasons most Irish smokers fail to quit, Boots found that stressful situations are the prime reason at 39% followed by consumption of alcohol at 28%.

On the other hand, the chain found that the main reasons they stopped were health reasons (49%), financial costs (21%), medical advice (7%), pregnancy (7%), or for a loved one or friend (6%).

Speaking about the Stop For Good Programme Caoimhe McCauley, the Director of Pharmacy said: “The new addition of rewards in the programme are designed to ensure participants continue feeling positive about their efforts, while encouraging them to stop smoking for the long term. There’s evidence to suggest that incentives for smoking cessation boost success rates and those who join a stop smoking support programme are more likely to succeed.

“Rewards given are based on the symptoms and benefits that are likely to happen to someone stopping smoking, so for example, during week one you’re likely to feel strong withdrawal symptoms – we’ll be there to reward you with vouchers towards Nicotine Replacement Therapy. There will be lots of feel-good treats along the way too and when participants complete the programme they’ll also be rewarded with a No. 7 skincare consultation or makeover. Boots are here to give those that want to stop smoking the rewards and support they need, whenever they’re ready.”

As part of the campaign, 2fm music journalist/DJ Tara Stewart, and fashion guru/influencer Rob Kenny will be documenting their own efforts to quit on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Commenting on the campaign, Stewart said: “I’m 27, young, excited, motivated and energetic about life. But the only thing holding me back is, I’m a smoker.

“I’m out of breath popping down to the corner store or up a few stairs. I’m scared but I’m so excited to make a huge positive change in my life. It can only get better from here.”

Kenny said: “My Nanna actually passed away a few years ago from lung cancer, so for me to continue being a smoker after that has always made me feel really guilty. So, I am determined to commit myself to this 12 week quit smoking programme with boots & never look back”.

To ensure a commitment from the outset, the service will costs €50 to join, for more information visit the official page.

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