A relationship expert reveals the only way to get over a break-up 5 years ago

A relationship expert reveals the only way to get over a break-up

Follow these rules...

We'll just say it outright. Break-ups suck. Now, we can move past that and try to get on with our lives... easier said than done.


You can tell yourself to move on and get over it, but sometimes it's just not that easy, and even if you were the one who instigated the break-up, you can find yourself being hooked back in.

But speaking to Tech Insider, Helen Fisher, a biological antropologist, revealed the best ways to get over someone following a break up.

She said: "We know that romantic love is an addiction, a perfectly wonderful addiction when it's going well, and a horrible addiction when it's going poorly. When it's going poorly, you have to treat it like it's an addiction.


"Throw out the cards and letters, or put them in the attic. Don't write [to them] or call. Don't show up where that person might be.

"Go out with old friends and get hugs from old friends, this drives up the oxytocin system and calms you down.

"Get some physical exercise, this drives up the dopamine system which gives you energy, optimism, focus and motivation. It also drives up the endorphins so the pain goes away," she said.

But it seems that your mother was right when she said, "Time heals all," according to Fisher who explains that the further you get away from that moment of the break-up, the less feelings of emotional attachment you will have for that person.


Give it time folks...