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06th Jul 2016

Research suggests that drinking coffee after being exposed to loud noises can harm your hearing

Colm Boohig

Take note the next time you go to a gig.

There is no doubt about it; that sweet, sweet morning coffee is the drug many of us need to get through the day but, according to research, consuming caffeine after being exposed to loud noises can have an adverse impact on your hearing.

loud noises

A study was conducted at the McGill University Auditory Sciences Laboratory which exposed three groups of guinea pigs to “caffeine, 110-dB ‘pure tone sound,’ or both”, as reported by Consequence of Sound

The experiment occurred over a 15-day period, with “acoustic overstimulation events” carried out on the first and eighth day, for a one hour period.

The results illustrated that the group exposed to a mixture of audio (at 110-dB. Decibel levels at concert typically range from 100- to 120-dB, to put it into context) and caffeine returned to full hearing significantly slower that the group only exposed to the former.

Will Ferrell coffee

The correlation behind coffee-intake and audio exposure was significant enough to cause the group exposed to both to continue experiencing hearing problems after the last day of the experiment.

You can read more about the findings here,

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